Monday, September 8, 2008

Kissed By The Sun

Citron-crested cockatoos have to be one of the most stunning animals in the natural world. Mother Nature created Citrons so she could enjoy simple beauty and pure joy on Her days off.

I love the splashes of rich creamsicle complementing her pure whiteness. I admire the subtle butter yellow on her belly, under her wings and tail. I find myself melting, looking into those expressive amber eyes.

Shalom is my Sun baby, her coloration mirroring that of our life-giving star. Her personality as warm and sunny as the cheerful shade of her crest and cheek patches. There is not one mean bone in her body, everything about her exudes joyful love and happiness.

I am incredibly blessed with her companionship, deeply fulfilled by our relationship.

It is not about giving in to my desires as an animal lover, and ticking off every creature I have ever wanted on my list. Sure, I would love to enrich my life with animals. However I realize that there is always the right time, and the right time may not be the present. I also know that my current companions come first, and they should never have to suffer on the account of my selfish wants.

Is it possible to expand my flock now? Sure. But it would not be fair. Unfair to whom? To my current animals, to the new animal, to my husband, and last but not least, to me. I will not accept such a heavy responsibility unless I know I can give each and every companion nothing less than 100%.

So I channel that passion into my one little parrot for now; creating a surrogate flock with her, to raise her to be a wonderful, stable, secure companion. To ensure her happiness, to ensure her pet potential if she outlives me.

Because in the end, that is the most important gift of all we could ever bestow to our animals ...

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