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I never thought I would have two cats. I felt that Kennedy was enough cat for me. Despite that, I habored a fascination for Ragdolls but I never seriously considered acquiring one. To me, there are too many shelter kittens and cats to justify my purchasing a pure bred kitten from a cattery.

But the fascination continued to grow into a desire to own one of these breathtaking, blue-eyed beauties. I wanted a cat. Not just any cat. A Ragdoll. But I still held back. Until I stumbled upon Sweetheaven Ragdolls.

By that point, I rationalized that adopting an adult Ragdoll from a reputable cattery would eliminate any guilt I was feeling. Adults need love as much as kittens do, and I was more than ready to give it to one who will accept it.

Sweetheaven Ragdolls is a small hobbyist cattery run by Connie and Robert Walter in Ramona, California. After corresponding with them, I feel that they have set the bar for breeders of dogs and cats to follow as far as I am concerned. Through them, Bryan and I met and fell in love with Andre and he with us. There was no hesitation, no doubt. As cliche as it sounds, it was a match made in Heaven. With the Walters' blessings, and the generous wallet of my husband, my dream came true and Andre found his forever home on June 13th 2009.

I know I will always have a Ragdoll in my life, kitten or adult, and I know I will always have a Sweetheaven Ragdoll for as long as they are around.

The Parrot and Her Protector

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life Sure is Cushy

Little Kennedy hanging out on his cat tree with his latest favourite toy - a catnip pillow from Sweetheaven Ragdolls, presented by Andre as a peace offering of friendship and feline brotherhood. He certainly loves that pillow, but he wasn't sure about Andre at first, stoned or not.

It is a week to this day since Andre came home to us. Despite the tense beginning on Kennedy's part, they have quickly grown comfortable with each other. Our darling Andre is just so gentle, sweet and loving, it is impossible to feel anything but love for him. Now both cats are like old friends, and it is hard to picture the huge fuss Kennedy was putting up - the hissing, growing, grumbling, and hiding - towards Andre.

I hope Kennedy will continue to develop a wonderful relationship with his new brother, and partake in exciting adventures together.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Andre Muffin Top

My 5 y/o blue-mitted Ragdoll from Sweetheaven Ragdolls
Heartfelt thanks to the wonderful Connie & Robert Walter
For trusting us with their beautiful and special boy.
And a deep gratitude to my husband
For this special gift of Love.

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Shalom and Jacques

Opposites Attract

Janka and Kennedy sharing a quiet moment together

Friday, May 29, 2009


Aw shucks. This would have been a good photo of Kennedy if I hadn't chopped off his front paws when I snapped the picture. But I figure I would share the photograph all the same just because his facial expression looks like someone stuck a cold thermometer up his twinker.

Building Dream Castles

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If you want a guaranteed head tilt, ask your dog if she would like a coconut. Go ahead. Ask. You will not be disappointed.

"Hey [insert name]! Do you want a coconut? How about a coconut? You like coconuts?"

Head tilt head tilt head tilt head tilt head tilt head tilt ...

Coffee and Cockatoo

@ Coffee Bean in Eastlake on Mother's Day
This is for you, Herb, my friend.

It has been 2 years yesterday, and not a day goes by where I do not think of you and miss you dearly.

I love you, dude. I hope you know that, wherever you are...

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Looks Can Be Deceiving

How could such innocence ...

... Cause such carnage?


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Decidedly Feminine

March 2009

Springtime in Mount Laguna

Janka (R) with Levi (M) and Leyna (L)
Rocky Mountain Dog

Yesterday, a typically lovely day in Southern California, Janka and I joined a friend and her two German Shepherds for a spring hike in Mount Laguna.

The last time we were up there, the beautiful mountain scape was dusted in snow. It was amazing to watch the seasonal transformation from a frosty stillness to an abundance of vibrant life, music and colours blanketing the mountainside. The dogs were ecstatic. Basking in the spring sunshine, the three German Shepherds were lopping over fallen limbs, leaping up moss-covered boulders, dashing through the lush grass, sniffing the spring flowers, eagerly seeking the forest's inhabitants for an excuse for a game of chase and run.

At 18 months, Janka is almost fully grown. She carries herself with all the subtle dignity of the beautiful, noble German Shepherd. Her head is feminine, and her built is wiry and trim. I love how those satin-soft bat-like ears frame her face, her expressive amber eyes shining with intelligence, good humour and mischief.

There is never a bad dog day for Janka, and when she greets me every morning, it is filled with joyful optimism, as if to say, "Today is a new day! Give me a pat, and we will seize the day together!" The affection, love and happiness that spread out like a warm, sunny embrace is so palpable, the intensity never wavers from day to day.

She truly loves with 100%. And I am immensely blessed to be at the other end of that love.

Gone With the Wind

March 2009

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Oliver Twist

Please, 'Mam, may I have some more?

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Cheshire in Black and White

A Helping Beak

April 2008

Winter In San Diego

Janka at 15 months

Yes indeed, this is how San Diegans celebrate the winter solstice. Green luscious fields for happy dogs to romp around in.

Just this past weekend, we took Janka to Ridgecrest, CA (4 hours north-east) for the Desert Trail Rally, hosted by NASA. We camped a night in the desert, and our initial reservations about having Janka in a tent with us were completely unfounded. She was extremely good the entire night, content to lean against me and snuggle with her pack. During the rally event, she was calm and well behaved. I was immensely proud of her. Despite all the noise, strange people and bustling activity, she took everything in stride and enjoyed herself thoroughly.

She is growing into her own, and developing her personality. I am still learning alongside Janka, not always smooth but doggedly trying. Our relationship has deepened recently, either due to my better understanding of her or her maturing. She minds me beautifully most of the time and it is such a joy to watch her grow.

I love her deeply, and I am just so very excited and eager for us to continue on our journey through Life. I can honestly say I cannot imagine life without her. And despite the sacrifices and occasional inconvenience, I will never, ever give this gift of love up for anything in the world.