Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life Sure is Cushy

Little Kennedy hanging out on his cat tree with his latest favourite toy - a catnip pillow from Sweetheaven Ragdolls, presented by Andre as a peace offering of friendship and feline brotherhood. He certainly loves that pillow, but he wasn't sure about Andre at first, stoned or not.

It is a week to this day since Andre came home to us. Despite the tense beginning on Kennedy's part, they have quickly grown comfortable with each other. Our darling Andre is just so gentle, sweet and loving, it is impossible to feel anything but love for him. Now both cats are like old friends, and it is hard to picture the huge fuss Kennedy was putting up - the hissing, growing, grumbling, and hiding - towards Andre.

I hope Kennedy will continue to develop a wonderful relationship with his new brother, and partake in exciting adventures together.

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