Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter In San Diego

Janka at 15 months

Yes indeed, this is how San Diegans celebrate the winter solstice. Green luscious fields for happy dogs to romp around in.

Just this past weekend, we took Janka to Ridgecrest, CA (4 hours north-east) for the Desert Trail Rally, hosted by NASA. We camped a night in the desert, and our initial reservations about having Janka in a tent with us were completely unfounded. She was extremely good the entire night, content to lean against me and snuggle with her pack. During the rally event, she was calm and well behaved. I was immensely proud of her. Despite all the noise, strange people and bustling activity, she took everything in stride and enjoyed herself thoroughly.

She is growing into her own, and developing her personality. I am still learning alongside Janka, not always smooth but doggedly trying. Our relationship has deepened recently, either due to my better understanding of her or her maturing. She minds me beautifully most of the time and it is such a joy to watch her grow.

I love her deeply, and I am just so very excited and eager for us to continue on our journey through Life. I can honestly say I cannot imagine life without her. And despite the sacrifices and occasional inconvenience, I will never, ever give this gift of love up for anything in the world.

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