Sunday, November 9, 2008

Laidback Cockie

There are these that my little Shalom obsesses about. And these little Shalom trinkets can and will occupy a normally problematic ADD cockatoo for hours on end.

None of them include tantalizing, colourful, intricate, wood-licious, wallet-draining bird toys that would make any parrot tingle with thrill and anticipation. Unless one considers her cage - the only bird-related object of fancy - which she delights in taking apart, screw by screw.

All of these obsessive possessions happen to belong to me. Or my husband. Including this head band.

You could surprise her with a $50 wood-plastic-rope-leather rotating, jingling, hanging collection of eye-pining, beak-grinding, tail-wagging assemblage and she would totally ignore it for a good chew off my prized spider plant or an old, retired sock, or a phone book.

So to this, I will belt out the first line of this song, "The best things in life are free. But you can give it to the birds and bees ... "

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Anonymous said...

shalom is the coolest birdie ever!