Thursday, June 25, 2009


I never thought I would have two cats. I felt that Kennedy was enough cat for me. Despite that, I habored a fascination for Ragdolls but I never seriously considered acquiring one. To me, there are too many shelter kittens and cats to justify my purchasing a pure bred kitten from a cattery.

But the fascination continued to grow into a desire to own one of these breathtaking, blue-eyed beauties. I wanted a cat. Not just any cat. A Ragdoll. But I still held back. Until I stumbled upon Sweetheaven Ragdolls.

By that point, I rationalized that adopting an adult Ragdoll from a reputable cattery would eliminate any guilt I was feeling. Adults need love as much as kittens do, and I was more than ready to give it to one who will accept it.

Sweetheaven Ragdolls is a small hobbyist cattery run by Connie and Robert Walter in Ramona, California. After corresponding with them, I feel that they have set the bar for breeders of dogs and cats to follow as far as I am concerned. Through them, Bryan and I met and fell in love with Andre and he with us. There was no hesitation, no doubt. As cliche as it sounds, it was a match made in Heaven. With the Walters' blessings, and the generous wallet of my husband, my dream came true and Andre found his forever home on June 13th 2009.

I know I will always have a Ragdoll in my life, kitten or adult, and I know I will always have a Sweetheaven Ragdoll for as long as they are around.

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