Thursday, September 4, 2008

Still The Baby In The Family

Janka @ 10 months old
For now.

For the last few years, I have been seriously considering another parrot when we are ready. A Red-fronted macaw or the Blue-throated macaw. At one time, the stipulation set by my husband was "either a macaw or a German Shepherd, you choose." And I decided on a German Shepherd.

Recently I began the serious process of searching for breeders and interviewing them in hopes of expanding my flock next autumn. I had not been impressed with the local parrot stores in San Diego, and decided to look further. I eventually decided on Avalon Aviary in Colorado.

They breed both species of macaws, and after a series of correspondence, have requested to be placed on a waiting list for both. They have surpassed my stringent list of questions from maintaining their breeder birds to bio-security, right down to prepping the fledglings for air travel. In turn, they carefully screen all potential buyers which is a crucial factor for me when buying a live animal.

It is time-consuming and anxious. It took me months to settle upon Shalom's breeder, and I screened several German Shepherd kennels in California and Arizona before deciding upon Janka's breeder.

The effort and pain-staking patience reward me with healthy, socialized companions for years to come, and the inner peace of knowing I voted ethically with my money.

And in a society where breeding animals is treated as profitable, expendable money-makers and the offspring are viewed as commodities, I am glad for personal choice and doing my part in supporting ethical breeders for the betterment of our fellow creatures.

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