Tuesday, May 24, 2011

There Is No Nobler Friend Than A Dog

On a Spring hike at Mission Trails State Park, 2011
Here is Janka at 3 years old. Without reeking too strongly of parental pride, I continue to maintain that she is one of the best-looking German Shepherds I have the privilege of knowing in my life.

She is the epitome of this versatile, handsome breed: beauty, courage, loyalty, utility. A testament to the dedication of her breeder, Grunenfeld German Shepherds.

Yet she charmingly infuses these traits with her own unique brand of humor and endearing mischief. She is affectionate in a hectic way that could only be described as "Janka", and focuses her intelligence in finding ways to bend the rules and push her limits. She is obnoxious and dramatic, big-hearted and joyous.

While she may cause us to throw our hands up in exasperation at times, she has also taught us about loving big, not sweating the small stuff and forgiveness. Grudges are like old socks, best to be buried and forgotten. Rewards are most enjoyed through hard work and honest effort. And surely nothing beats beating a bad day than a sincere hug and a lick.

She is my best friend and role model, my muse and confidant. But most of all, she is the love of my life.

I love you, Janka-Pie. And thank you for loving me back.

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