Friday, July 22, 2011

The Family's Foster

Peeps on her last night here
I know I keep promising to be more committed to this blog but life gets in the way with its (mis)adventures and responsibilities, so it makes it challenging to post regularly. But I will make it a point to upload an entry a few times a week.

Peeps is no longer under our care. We fostered her for just over a month before we rehomed her at a wonderful farm in Jamul that was recommended by a dear friend. It is a huge property over-looking the valley, nestled within mountains. There is a wonderful chicken hut with a covered run so Peeps can be a ranch chicken without fear of predators. There are horses, ducks, donkeys, dogs and fruit trees all around. It is beautiful and serene, where animals come first.

It is owned by a lovely lady, Anita Worthington, and her husband (whom we didn't meet) who was on 'Whale Wars'. People with huge, sincere hearts. We hit it off immediately, and I knew Peeps has found the perfect home. In fact, all sadness, uncertainty and reservation melted the minute we pulled onto the property.

I have not seen Peeps since we dropped her off at her new permanent home two months ago, and I think a re-visit is due soon to reconnect with Peeps and for a good photo opportunity.

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