Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love: There is No Divide

I love candid shots of my companions sharing a moment together. The gentleness in Janka's demeanor is so touching, and a reminder of just how special she is.

While it is not unheard of for different species to form a friendship, for me to be a part of it is humbling and amazing. This trusting relationship is a product of their upbringing based on compassion, patience, kindness and understanding. It is an achievement which I hold with quiet pride as Alpha and caregiver.

But such sweetness is an innate trait, a highly attuned self-awareness that cannot be imparted by me. There are some dogs that will never attain that level of understanding with all the training in the world. Despite Janka's bravado and strong will, the amount of love and gentleness that she is capable of giving is astounding. She has, what a spiritual had observed, an old soul.

Yet this keen level of intelligence in Janka is hardly appreciated by outsiders. It used to niggle at me. Janka - the Deeply Misunderstood. But I realized that what others objectify her as is no matter to me. It does not affect her nor the unique relationship she has within our pack. I do not need everybody's approval, nor do I seek to prove her worth to others.

Boastfulness is a sign of insecurity and lack of dignity.

Janka, we are better than that, aren't we?

Your Mama

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